Match The Cards Puzzle Box

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Promotes early analytical thinking – Toddlers learn about spatial awareness and problem-solving early on. Children learn how to be analytical when putting puzzles together to form an image.
Improves fine motor skills – Through manipulating the puzzle pieces, toddlers can strengthen their fine motor skills and enhance hand-eye coordination at the same time.
Teaches color and shape recognition – Toddlers become more familiar with the different colors and shapes (helps them prepare for math in the future).
Fuels the imagination – This wooden block animal jigsaw puzzle set provides the right challenge for toddlers age 3 and up. Tots can either copy the images on the card or use their imagination to create a puzzle of their own.
Fosters socialization – Puzzle games are always more fun when there’s teamwork. This game encourages toddlers to invite their parents, relatives or friends to play with them. May the best puzzle maker win!

What is the difference between puzzle type A, B and C?

Each type includes a unique combination of cards with animals, figures and patterns. Select the type and see a selection of included patterns on the box itself.


A:38 pieces of jigsaw and 48 pieces of paper CARDS

B:36 pieces of jigsaw and 58 pieces of paper CARDS

C:34 pieces of jigsaw and 58 pieces of paper CARDS